PrimeBase Database Server
The PrimeBase Database Server (PBDS) is a fast, transactional, SQL
database server which specializes in BLOB storage and retrieval, as required
by internet and print/publishing applications. Special features include
full-text indexing and full UNICODE support. In addition, PBDS is fully
scriptable using the built-in PBT procedural language (a Java-like
language that embeds SQL). Used in combination with the PrimeBase
Automation Client you can quickly create powerful applications that
automate processes such import/export, workflow, etc.

For use in the client/server environment, PBDS supports many common
database access standards: ODBC, JDBC, PHP, Perl, RealBasic including a
native API for C applications. PBDS is a stable, mature technology that
has been used in mission critical applications for over 10 years. At
the same time PBDS is easy to install and configure and requires
minimal administration, making it popular in environments with little
or no IT staff.

PrimeBase Replication Server
The PrimeBase Replication Server (PBRS) is a platform for the
replication and distribution of data stored by PrimeBase Database
Servers. Using the replication server you can synchronize several
copies of a database, and keep them up-to-date in real-time. Changes
can be transmitted bi-directionally if required. If the connection
between databases is interrupted, then the replication server will
buffer the changes and apply them as soon as the duplicate database is
online again.

The replication server is fully programmable, allowing you to modify
the standard replication procedures for your own purposes. For example,
databases can be replicated in part, instead of completely as is the
default. The replication server can also be used for other purposes
such as logging changes, or notification. For example it is possible to
send an e-mail when certain data is modified in the database. Using the
PrimeBase Open Server in combination with the replication server it is
possible to replicate data from a PrimeBase database to 3rdParty
database systems such as Oracle or some other ODBC data source.

PrimeBase Application Server
The PrimeBase Application Server (PBAS) is a platform for building
Web-based programs. The applications are written in PBT, the native
language of the PrimeBase product family. PBAS creates a runtime
environment for each instance of the application and maintains a link
between the end-user's browser and the program instance, providing the
illusion of a single-user environment for the programmer.

Using a technique called "LiveTags" the developer can literally program
otherwise static HTML and XML tags. This enables a clear separation
between the layout and code of a Web application. In addition, PBAS
provides an object-oriented framework, PrimeBase Enterprise Objects,
which performs common tasks such as processing of Web input, Web page
building and database access.

PBAS can be accessed directly or via a Web-server. Modules and CGIs are
available for Apache and MS Internet Information Server on all
platforms supported by PrimeBase.

PrimeBase Open Server
The PrimeBase Open Server (PBOS) provides access to 3rd party database
management systems (DBMSs) and other data sources. This is done by
creating a PrimeBase Open Server Interface (PBOSI) compliant plug-in
for the data source. The plug-in is responsible for the translation of
data and SQL statements into a DBMS specific form as required by the
3rd party system.

In this way, code written for PrimeBase in the built-in PBT language is
DBMS independent. This includes programs written for the PrimeBase
Automation client, the Replication and Application servers. PBOS also
enables PrimeBase to act affectively as middleware.

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