PrimeBase 5
The XT transactional database engine will drive the next generation of the PrimeBase Database server. XT will add a number of important features to PrimeBase 5, these include:

64-bit support - unlimited table size

Currently only PrimeBase BLOB data may be unlimited in size. Regular
table data is limited to a total of 2GB per table. By nature of its
design, XT has no such restriction. More details on the XT design can
be found in the White Paper.

Full Multi-processor Support

The XT engine is built to minimize bottlenecks and conflicts that occur
in a symmetric multi-processor environments. For example, each active thread
has its own transaction log in order to reduce write contension.

Historical Snapshot Support

With XT it is possible to draw a so-called "historical snapshot". This
means an image of the database can be created which reflects a
consistent view of the database at a previous point in time. Extremely
useful, for example, if data is deleted by accident.

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